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There are two aspects to every drunk driving case in Maryland.
You will have to answer to the court and the MVA. 

MVA:  They will try to suspend your license, and the length of suspension will vary depending on if you took a breath test and the level of alcohol found.  There are different options possible to avoid suspension or to have a modified suspension to allow you to keep driving.  Action must be taken within 10 days or so after being charged in order to take advantage of some of these options.  As a result, it is very important to contact a DUI attorney soon after your charge.

COURT:  If this is your first offense, the odds are you aren’t going to jail even if they can prove the charges.  The first thing a DUI lawyer do is make sure they can prove the charges.  If so, we then give you advice on what you can do to minimize the consequences.  Most times you will be placed on supervised probation and be required to attend an alcohol education or treatment program as part of your probation.  You can improve your sentence by doing this prior to court, and we can help you find a program.

If this isn’t your first offense, jail is a real possibility, and this makes a thorough analysis of the case and possible defenses even more crucial, and the more time we have to work on your case, we are more able to explore all the options available including ways to avoid jail, like home detention or work release

Either way it is crucial to get some advice from a DUI lawyer right away!

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